Monday, February 1, 2010

Wow I wish I was better at blogging.
Ethan says and does some pretty funny things and if I was smarter or had more time I would be writing more of them down. He loves to pretend which is great and he loves us to pretend with him which is always fun to do. Ethan is so independent its hard sometimes to just let him be. He also loves to help with the house work and cleaning of the building we manage and cooking dinner. He is such the little man. and a big help around the house which is great considering that baby will be here in just a few short weeks or if you go by my coworkers a few .

Although baby is not due til February 17 some people believe she will be coming this week sometime. I just hope she waits until I am done work which is not until Friday night.

back to my cute little boy. He is always concerned with other kids when they cry and actually at daycare he has taken to following the one little girl who is a crier for attention and just putting her soother in her mouth for her when she cries.. its quite funny. He also has a crush on the one older girl that is there after school , as in he will only eat if she is there and is sitting beside her and when she is done so is he... its funny to watch him . Some days are better then others with Ethan and his eating , and most of the time we just chalk it up to personality but some days I wonder... like this morning when he crawled into our bed at just before 3am.. and then he started talking in his sleep about snacks... now snacks to you and I are just things to nibble on... for Ethan he really just means fruit snacks , everything else has a real name but when he says snack he means fruit snacks.

Ethan has taken to renaming us all again as well.. we seemed to have been able for the most part to no longer be the creepy blue people from Tree house's 4 Squares and we are now the doodlebops.... Ethan is Moe because Moe plays the drums and Ethan now has drums, Geoff gets to be Rooney because well Rooney plays the Guitar and so does Geoff, I get to be Didi but I am sure its just because I am the only girl in the house because I certainly do not play the piano, which brings me to my next thought. Ethan keeps asking about playing the piano, so come summer time we are going to be looking at piano for Ethan and Swimming lessons for both kids.

I will try and be a better blogger from now on. although with Baby #2 headed our way I am not sure how much better I will be .

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