Monday, May 21, 2007

just an update

Well here we are and its almost June. I am so glad. I have lots of things to look forward too this summer and I really want it to start tomorrow.
This month has been crazy at work our manager is gone which sucks, then this weekend I was working and the assistant was away and someone didn't show up for their shift then called later and just quit so I had to find a replacement for her shift the next day . which ended up being a girl who is being trained as a key holder and now she is having to work 11 days straight unless the assistant can find a way to give her a break.
this coming weekend we have our friends kids for the day on Saturday and then again on Sunday morning we are looking forward to it because soon they will be moving from us :(
People have asked me to post new belly pics and I will eventually . I was supposed to do a cast of my belly tonight but alas the store was not open today to get the proper kit to do so:( Geoff even drove all over the city to try and find a store that sold the kit for me... and he hates driving all over the city.