Sunday, November 1, 2009

Some Random Things Ethan has said in the past few weeks

Some Random Things Ethan has said in the past few weeks

Geoff... Time to get ready for church
Ethan... Sick daddy sick

Me ... Grandma says she loves you
Ethan ... Really?

Ethan... Listen me guys listen me

Ethan.... too loud Guys

Ethan... Stop Guys Stop

Me to Ethan.... Good morning pumpkin
Ethan... no pumpkin, Esan (Ethan )

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So Cute Sometimes

Ethan is too cute for words...

This morning he climbs into bed with us and then says he needs his glasses ( which he doesn't actually have) and he comes back with his yellow star shaped sun glasses and his book and starts clapping his hands... just like Lunette the Clown does .. he then opens his book upside down and says ... Once upon a time, the end... lol and closes the book and takes off his glasses... he then starts clapping his hands for light so Geoff starts turning on and off his lamp for Ethan and Ethan says over and over again ... Wow crazy, and Wow lol... we are laughing so hard that Ethan leans over to me and says mommy crying... I said no laughing and he says crazy... then of course being the good sharer that he is passes the glasses and book to me and then to Geoff because we all need a turn. What a great way to start the day .

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Little Boy turnsTwo

my little boy is two. what a whirl wind.
He had two parties one last week with all his friends from church and he had cake and lots of fun with his friends swiming in his pool and playing outside..
We had a second party today with his Uncle Greg and Auntie A and nanny . We had more cake and lots more presents. He recieved so many cool gifts I dont know where to begin with thank you cards.. He got craft bucket full of fun things to play with, Thomas the Train, clothes, a bear, from us he got some more wiggles dvd's , a computer program, lights for his wall and a tent for his bed .
and by this time next year Ethan will have a little sister or brother to get in his way.

Loving every minute of hearing Ethan talk and express himself . sometimes I still dont understand him but we are working on his words and colours and shapes animals . He is growing up so fast its hard to watch some days

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Snowy Saturdays in April

Well its been a while since I have updated but here I am .

We have now moved into our apartment for a month and it feels good. We also as of this month are the superintendents of the building we live in. its going to be a little bit of work but it will help us out financially in the long run.

Ethan is growing like a weed . and becoming quite the little man. he has quite the personality which is good but oh gets him in so much trouble. He is speaking a lot more but still not where I thought he would have been.. and he also talks way more at daycare then he does at home so we work daily with him by reading and making him use his words .

Geoff is doing really well in school and has written one of his certification exams and is writing another one in the next few weeks. he is really much smarter then he thinks.. for fun I sometimes will do the practice tests with him or do one for him and I do pretty well... but I think I will leave all the computer stuff to him .

My mom and her mom are coming for a visit and arrive today although I think they are bringing snow with them ... which they could have just left behind.

I am working lots and i like it . not all the people but most of them . i never realised just how many crazy people there are in the world.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Brr its cold outside

so its not as cold as winter -peg but cold none the less...
People where I live think its the end of the world but its not... I keep telling people it could be worse and it could

We are all hibernating so far this week except for necessary trips to the Dr's or work and school .
Ethan hates going out when its this cold outside and refuses to get in his car seat makes for an interesting time..

Life is all around good... We are putting our deposit on an apartment this weekend and are excited and for those of you who know Geoff he doesn't really show excited. but I am and I think Ethan will love having his own space I know I will. not that I don't appreciate everything Geoff's family has done for us cause I do ... its just time... Ethan is starting a new phase and we just need space. so in a few weeks we will be slowly moving into our new house and it will be great to make Ethan's room his very own and for that I am grateful that he will have space that's just for him.

Well that's whats new for us and life is good. and we are loving everything that life has to offer.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Wow its almost been a year

Okay so I have said it before I stink at keeping people updated on this blog... i will now blame facebook as i tend to spend a lot of time on there...

Well a lot has changed since I last wrote on here and I have tried to write before but I couldnt remember the password or the email address in which I used but all of a sudden it came to me tonight of all nights when I should be sleeping.

We are now in Kitchener ON where Geoff started back to school in septemeber and will be finished next fall . He will then be a computer network person I have no idea what that intails at all even though he explains a lot of it to me.

I am back to work and I enjoy it most days when people are not asking stupid questions... fyi if you pick up a boot in a shoe store and it feels un-naturally heavy there is a weight inside so please be kind to the sales people and dont say"oh my this is so heavy i like it but I could never walk in it".... I make fun of you in the back room

Ethan has changed quite a bit since I last blogged.... first off not only can he crawl but he can walk and talk and turn on the wiggles on vhs all by himself... He eats like a horse most days and is constantly asking for more... which is code for I am hungry still feed me ..His favorite word by far would be no... in particular if you ask if he needs a bum change.

We have found a church that we really like and that is made up of mostly young families which is nice because that means there are lots of kids inparticular lots around ethans age and who happen to be boys.. with only a few girls to play with .

Well that is a quick update on us and I promise to try to blog better.

Hugs to all the ones I love and even the ones I dont.