Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ethan is funny

We went out to dinner tonight and Ethan was so funny. on the way into Pizza Hut he says hi to everyone that we meet . Then as we are leaving he is not paying attention and so I said to him that if he was not careful he was going to go home with another family . I then asked him if he would like a new family Ethan replied straight faced and all , yes please...lol

We made a pit stop on the way home and I ask Ethan do you love your daddy, he says yes I love my Calliou daddy.

Ethan has also taken to saying the day is beautiful when he wakes up from anything. even if its pitch black outside and he cant see yet.

Ethan has also taken to wanting to do the wii fit everyday. he says we all need to exercise. He particularly likes the yoga and hoops (hula hoops) and he is getting better all the time now we all just need to get into a routine.

Today Ethan has kept saying that he is reading a great book, he is reading two wii manuals... the wii fit plus one and wii sports resort.... its funny to listen to him explain what the pictures are showing in these.

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