Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A New Baby

Rachel Grace was born on Feb 23rd 2010 at 232 am.
I had contractions most of the day on the 22nd but nothing consistent but they were very painful . The contractions became a little bit more regular around 830-9 pm . at 1030pm Geoff said we would wait until 1130 and then if I couldnt stand it anymore that we would go to the hospital , I couldnt make up my mind because I didnt want to get sent home again and feel stupid.

We ended up calling Geoffs mom to come and be with Ethan at 11, the roads were crappy due to a snow storm and she got here just before 1130. We decided not to call anyone else until we knew what was going on.
When we got to the hospital I was checked out in Triage and told that I was 4-5 cm and 75% effaced. We were admitted and taken to a room by 1230. the nurse checked me a while later as I said I wanted something for the pain unfortunately for me I was 6 cm so they would no longer give me morphine.I could however have an epidural... which I was going to take because I was in a lot of pain in my lower back. but then I had a contraction and I felt like I needed to push this was only a few minutes after they decided to break my water in less then 10 minutes I went from 6cm to 8 cm ... I really wanted to push but the nurse told me that I could not push.... about 20 minutes later I was almost done with being ready to push.
at 215 I started to push and 232 she was born 7lbs 2oz, 20 inches long... she is quite tiny , clothes 0-3 months are too big but the few newborn clothes are too go figure.

We got to go home around 2pm on the 23rd and we head to the drs tomorrow afternoon for blood work and a general check up for Rachel.
She initially latched on quite well however, since being home not so much she still latches but it is incredibly painful for me and she never seems satisfied even if she has been latched for a half hour or more.. we still keep trying but are now supplementing with formula which seems to help settle her down. We are however not stressing too much if she doesnt continue to breast feed. We are loving her to pieces.

At the Hospital Ethan was asked if he loved his baby sister and Said yes...I think so... which was followed by much laughter. He does get sad when she cries and also said last night while she was crying that she (Rachel) didnt like him. this made me sad. but we assured Ethan that she does love him she is just little and crying is how she talks to us.

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