Sunday, April 13, 2008

okay so I suck at blogging

Ethans 7 month picture
showing off his new found skill
Dump truck baby
peek a boo
Ethans first Ice Cream cone
Is it really any wonder that I suck at keeping my blog updated... I could never even journal or keep a diary for very long. Good grief the last time I wrote anything Ethan was only a few weeks old. he is now almost 8 months. If you have given up on me I dont mind...

So Ethan is much bigger now ... I cant say for sure how much he weighs just more then the 19lbs 4.8oz that he did at his 6 month check up.

Since the last blog.... he has cut four teeth and is working on the next four. he can crawl backwards hasnt figured out the whole forward thing yet. loves to stand up and is a wiggle worm. He can say a few words although he doesnt use them all the time... he can say mum mum and mummie when really upset, dada and nannnann, and bad. and when he took a trip to alberta with two of his second cousins and Great aunt and Uncle and mommy he said yuck at some food he was trying... which was quite funny

he does eat some table foods as well as baby food and his formula when he is not sick.

We are heading to kitchener ontario at the end of next month. A new adventure for us. we are looking forward to it and because I am anal almost everything is packed and ready to go.
And the pictures at the top are for of course your viewing pleasure... and they would be at the end but since I suck at the bloging ... I cant get them down here.