Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So Cute Sometimes

Ethan is too cute for words...

This morning he climbs into bed with us and then says he needs his glasses ( which he doesn't actually have) and he comes back with his yellow star shaped sun glasses and his book and starts clapping his hands... just like Lunette the Clown does .. he then opens his book upside down and says ... Once upon a time, the end... lol and closes the book and takes off his glasses... he then starts clapping his hands for light so Geoff starts turning on and off his lamp for Ethan and Ethan says over and over again ... Wow crazy, and Wow lol... we are laughing so hard that Ethan leans over to me and says mommy crying... I said no laughing and he says crazy... then of course being the good sharer that he is passes the glasses and book to me and then to Geoff because we all need a turn. What a great way to start the day .

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