Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Little Boy turnsTwo

my little boy is two. what a whirl wind.
He had two parties one last week with all his friends from church and he had cake and lots of fun with his friends swiming in his pool and playing outside..
We had a second party today with his Uncle Greg and Auntie A and nanny . We had more cake and lots more presents. He recieved so many cool gifts I dont know where to begin with thank you cards.. He got craft bucket full of fun things to play with, Thomas the Train, clothes, a bear, from us he got some more wiggles dvd's , a computer program, lights for his wall and a tent for his bed .
and by this time next year Ethan will have a little sister or brother to get in his way.

Loving every minute of hearing Ethan talk and express himself . sometimes I still dont understand him but we are working on his words and colours and shapes animals . He is growing up so fast its hard to watch some days

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