Saturday, April 4, 2009

Snowy Saturdays in April

Well its been a while since I have updated but here I am .

We have now moved into our apartment for a month and it feels good. We also as of this month are the superintendents of the building we live in. its going to be a little bit of work but it will help us out financially in the long run.

Ethan is growing like a weed . and becoming quite the little man. he has quite the personality which is good but oh gets him in so much trouble. He is speaking a lot more but still not where I thought he would have been.. and he also talks way more at daycare then he does at home so we work daily with him by reading and making him use his words .

Geoff is doing really well in school and has written one of his certification exams and is writing another one in the next few weeks. he is really much smarter then he thinks.. for fun I sometimes will do the practice tests with him or do one for him and I do pretty well... but I think I will leave all the computer stuff to him .

My mom and her mom are coming for a visit and arrive today although I think they are bringing snow with them ... which they could have just left behind.

I am working lots and i like it . not all the people but most of them . i never realised just how many crazy people there are in the world.